The 55+ crowd needs your financial planning expertise more than any other age group. “Follow the money” is a good slogan to adopt – and the money is skewing older.
Successful long-term investors have understood the potential of dividend-paying stocks for some time. Many see a company’s ability to distribute dividends consistently as an indicator that the business is well run.
Marriages are supposed to last forever. After the cake and champagne, the toasts and the toasters, most couples expect to spend the rest of their lives together. Yet one-third of them won’t make it to their 30th wedding anniversary.
"Alison consistently delivers well-written, thoroughly researched content, and has proven her ability to work as project editor, managing all aspects – from assessing the needs of a project and coordinating writer timelines to editing content and directing changes – in order to deliver final content to client specifications. She has a keen understanding of the advisor market and the format, language and tone required to develop educational materials on a wide range of subject matter."

Donna Kerry,
National Account Manager,
Advisor Group, Rogers Media

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